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At Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic we aim to provide holistic Ayurveda treatments as Alternative/Complementary/Natural Therapy for acute, chronic and lifestyle induced health problems. Ayurveda is the oldest known system of medicines and it has originated from India. Before the conventional system of medicine arrived, Indians only used Ayurveda as their main source of treatment. 


At Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic the team of Ayurveda Practitioners work colloboratively and independently to develop a detailed plan for each individual and offer the best possible Ayurveda treatment and Medicines.


The Ayurveda Practitioners at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic have consulted and diagonsed and offered ayurveda treatment to thousands of people in Melbourne and globally outside Melbourne.


Here are some of the common everday dieseases mentioned on our webiste below. This webpage provides the information on the diseases that have mostly been treated at our clinic by our Ayurvedic Practitioners and Ayurveda Doctors. Our Ayurvedic Practitioners are well equipped with knowledge and understanding of Ayurveda and have all the resources to co-relation the health issues with modern medicine and help to find the best Ayruveda Treatment for you and offer the certified organic Ayurveda Medicine to you in Melbourne or outside Melbourne if required.


Please browse this webpage to know more about ayurveda treatments plans  on various diseases and health problems. You can use the fast alphabetical navigation system to find specific information about some of the conditions we regularly offer or consult at our clinic.


Remember the information here is just a very basic guidance about ayurvedic concepts on various diseases.  


If your concerned illness or diesease is not mentioned in our list, please don't feel dis-heartened, you may contact us to talk further.


If you wish to enquire more information on how ayurveda can offer support for a particular health problem, you may contact us at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic.









Dr Gurnam Saini (Ayurvedic Doctor)


Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine from India

MD in Alternative Medicine from India 

Certificate in Ayurveda Panchkarma Detox from India

Certificate in Ayurveda Pulse & Tongue diagnosis from India

Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing from Melbourne

Member of AAA (Australasian Association of Ayurveda) 

Organising Secretary of AYUSH MELBOURNE CONFERENCE, 2018




PH- 0061 430 799 515 

Email- PureHerbalClinic@gmail.com


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Disclaimer: The information on ayurvedic products and medicines on our website is for educational purposes only. One should not buy these products over the counter. These should only be taken after ayurvedic consultation with an ayurvedic practitioner. The uses and indications of these herbal products are based on Traditional Ayurvedic text books. These herbs should be supplemented with appropriate diet and lifestyle to get beneficial effects. Although there is a lot of research done on Ayurveda these days, yet these herbal products might not hold enough current research based evidence.