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Brenden Says:

Posted On : 15 March, 2014

"When my doctor told me I have PROSTATE PROBLEMS, I got really stressed because I'd seen my uncle suffer with this despite taking medicines. That's when I decided to try natural treatment and went to meet Dr. Saini at his Ayurveda clinic. He helped me understand that the prostate problems were because of my lack of exercise as well as an accumulation of toxins within the body. Then, he put me through a Panchakarma detoxification procedure that would help to remove all impurities. This was followed by a course of herbal medicines and I was taught certain yoga postures to practice every day. Thanks to following this regimen, I'm finding a lot of relief from my prostate problem and I'm grateful to Dr. Gurnam Saini for helping me overcome this.

Kiran Says:

Posted On : 10 March, 2014

"I have been a diabetic since the past 10 years and despite taking my medicines exactly as the doctor prescribed, my blood sugar levels would still fluctuate a lot. I'd been reading a lot about alternative therapies and finally decided to try the Pure Herbal Ayurveda clinic at Melbourne. I met Dr. Gurnam Saini and seriously followed his recommendations about diet and yoga exercises. He also put me on organic natural anti-diabetic medicines and within 2 to 3 months, I found my blood sugar levels were steadier than ever before. Now, I am still following Dr. Saini's guidelines for a healthy lifestyle and my physician is surprised to see the change.

Lisa Says:

Posted On : 09 March, 2014

"A month ago, I gave birth to a beautiful girl and having her after 12 years of marriage has given my husband and me a lot of joy. Thank you Dr. Saini at Pure herbal ayurved clinic for all the care you took to help me overcome my problem of infertility. I knew I was overweight but all the exercise and dieting I did never seemed to help me lose weight. Then I went to pure herbal ayurved clinic where Dr. Saini put me through a full ayurvedic consultation - even asking about the taste of food I liked and about whether I was anxious or calm. He said it was important to give him an understanding of what was the cause of my problem. Following this, a special program of yoga was designed to suit me exclusively and I was asked to take herbal medication that contained natural drugs like ashwagandha and shatavari. The day I got my pregnancy test positive was the happiest day of my life! Thank you all for the biggest gift of my life.

Karen Says:

Posted On : 28 February, 2014

"Last month, I met an old friend after about a year and he exclaimed at how old I looked, and that I would soon be BALD if I did not do something about my HAIR LOSS. I had tried a lot of things but they never worked and so I looked up some practitioners of natural medicine on the internet and fixed an appointment at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic at Melbourne. On my first consultation itself, Dr. Gurnam Saini put me at ease, explaining how the herbal medicines he prescribes work from within and therefore, does not cause side effects. I am a restless person by nature and get easily tired; the shirodhara technique they used at the clinic worked wonders for not just my hair loss but also helped me calm down and yet, stay energetic. I am also able to sleep more deeply and wake up refreshed every morning. Thank you, Dr. Saini, for helping me deal with hair loss in such an effective way.

Mathew Says:

Posted On : 27 February, 2014

"When my doctor diagnosed my lack of performance in bed as a case of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, I was devastated as I'd heard a few friends discuss how it made them feel guilty and inferior. Luckily for me, my wife was very supportive and because she's a big fan of natural treatment, she took me to Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic. During the first meeting itself, Dr. Saini, put me at ease. A detailed case history was taken and I was asked about my job, my likes and dislikes, my attitude towards life and the lifestyle I follow. I took the full body Panchkarma detox procedure as recommended and frankly, all my stress seems to have melted away. I am taking the herbal medicines Dr. Saini prescribed and guess what? Both my wife and I have no cause to complain.If there's anyone with ED reading this, please don't waste your time with other things - go directly to this ayurved clinic and see the magical results!

Sonny Says:

Posted On : 27 January, 2014

"I had a very serious lower BACK PAIN which I got from past few years and suddenly was critical last week .Dr Saini treated me with "Kati Basti" and in 2 weeks I could resume to normal lifestyle.The Herbal Medicine he used is very effective and the information regarding the health I got is very useful...Best Ayurvedic Dr in Melbourne.Thanxxxxx....

Andrew Smith Says:

Posted On : 26 January, 2014

"Had complete health consultation from Dr.Saini about 3 weeks ago as I was LOW IN ENERGY with DISTURBED SLEEP patterns from last 2 yrs. Dr Saini"s understanding on Ayurveda is totally amazing. Life-style and Diet-style changes which were recommended to me with some herbs for detox have entirely changed my life. Can't believe that just after 3 weeks I am feeling so revive, full of liveliness and more significantly my sleep is very much back to regular. Highly propose this place for consultation. Definitely Dr Saini is the Best Ayurvedic doctor I have met so far in Melbourne.

Taresa Says:

Posted On : 03 August, 2013

"I got SHIRODHARA treatment done at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic. It was something spiritual and I cannot define the experience.Now I feel much more calm and relaxed and there are minimal episodes of headache that I used to suffer all the time.

Michele Says:

Posted On : 03 August, 2013

"I work in a multinational company and unfortunately lead a very busy life. At times, it seems as if stress both MENTAL AND PHYSICAL have overtaken my life. Thankfully Pure Herbal Ayurved clinic is there serving people like me in maintaining a balance between work and health with its effective Ayurvedic remedies.I felt totally in control just within one month of herbal medication, panchkarma detox, lifestyle and diet stye recommended by Dr Gurnam Saini. You Have changed my life.Keep Doing the good job.Thanks.

Kaycee Says:

Posted On : 01 July, 2013

"" My story is probably the same as a lot of women- after four kids. I had pretty much given up any hope of losing WEIGHT GAIN. I would lose and gain again, lose and gain again- led me to just give up. As a last resort I decided to have a go at Dr Saini's weight loss programme. I lost 7kg in one month without feeling hungry. This is fantastic.Thanks for making this, one of the happiest year of my life.

Showing : of 53 Records
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