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Greg Says:

Posted On : 30 June, 2015

"I have been suffering from severe Crohn's for many years and having exhausted medical treatments, labelled in the "Too Hard" basket and advised to have all my large bowel removed..my search for alternatives led me to Dr Saini who prescribed herbs and lifestyle changes which led to rapid improvement in my condition .One year on with the inclusion of FMT and coconut oil,my health is the best it has been in years and I am grateful to Dr Saini for his personalised and caring approach.

Tom Auer Says:

Posted On : 25 March, 2015

"I saw Dr Saini with my swollen knee that had troubled me for several months. A mix of oils in conjunction with 3 Janu Basti sessions fixed my knee almost instantly, which was an eye opening experience for me. I highly recommend this service and I believe that I could not have come to a better place with my knee injury. Thank you!

Glennis Patston Says:

Posted On : 08 February, 2015

"Several years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatiod Arthritis and subsequentially placed on immunosupressive medication. Lately the condition was worsening causing concern about the prospect of my medication being incresed. My search for an alternative discipline to treat this condition led me to a gentle, non invasive treatment deliverid by Dr Saini, a practicioner of Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine. After five treatments using herbal oils, steam and taking herbal capsules I am all but pain free and able to resume daily living activities with joy. I can thouroughly recommend this relaxing, ancient form of healing to every one.

Margaret Says:

Posted On : 02 November, 2014

"I have been looking for treatment for sinusitis and have tried millions of products including accupunture etc but all in vain. I had to never look back since I have tried Dr Gurnam Saini's herbal capsules that he made for me. I can't thank Dr Saini enough for taking away my every day headaches.

Susan Says:

Posted On : 23 October, 2014

"For many years I have participated in meditation sessions and gone to yoga classes, then earlier this year I went to a workshop on Ayurveda where Dr Gurnam Saini was the presenter. For me, finding out about Ayurveda was like having a light bulb switched on because the knowledge I had gained from meditation and yoga clicked together via Ayurveda. I had a couple of minor ailments and thought I'd give Ayurvedic medicine a go and see what happened. Within weeks of following the eating plan, starting to adopt some of lifestyle recommendations and taking the herbal medications, my mild ECZEMA reduced and my DIGESTIVE SYSTEM improved. I also noticed I have more ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM. I'm so happy with the results and would recommend anyone to go to Dr Gurnam Saini.

Methew Aden Says:

Posted On : 16 August, 2014

"I got kati vasti treatment for my severe BACKACHES caused due to INJURY 5 yrs back. Now I am completely pain free. Thanks to Dr Saini's pure ayurvedic clinic.. The best ayurvedic care in Melbourne.

I P Singh Sethi Says:

Posted On : 15 August, 2014

"One of the best Ayurvedic clinics providing pure herbal treatments for Chronic diseases without any side effects . Took treatment for WEIGHT LOSS & got visible results in two months & lost 8 kg weight. Thanks to Dr Saini .

Steve Says:

Posted On : 24 July, 2014

"Sometime last year, I went through an EMOTIONALLY TRAUMATIC PERIOD that left me feeling dull and drained of life. I fluctuated between two states a blank, dull feeling and spells of crying for no particular reason. My aunt felt that I should try some natural form of therapy so when I came across the advertisement for Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic, I decided to give it a shot and went to meet Dr. Gurnam Saini. The very first consultation where Dr. Saini spoke to me made me feel comfortable enough to start the herbal medicines he recommended. A few days later, I was given shirodhara a form of treatment in which a warm oil dripped steadily onto my forehead. As I lay there on the table, I could actually feel all my pain and hurt melting away. Now, Ive got back to my usual routine and even made new friends at my workplace ,all thanks to the wonderful treatment by Dr. Saini.

Cooper Says:

Posted On : 24 July, 2014

"Ever since I was a teenager, I would sometimes suddenly feel very scared for no particular reason. When this started interfering with my routine life, I saw a psychologist and later, was put on ANXIETY medicine because I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Although I took the meds, I would sometimes feel too foggy or sleepy during the day and missed many days at work and then, I would stop the meds and feel the anxiety returning. I began feeling depressed and thats when I thought of trying Ayurveda so I went and met Dr. Saini at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic. He helped me understand that anxiety is a deep seated condition that has to be tackled at the root and put me on an ayurvedic diet and yoga. I was also given shirodhara treatment in which warm medicated oil was allowed to drip onto the face at the point between the eyebrows. This helped me relax like never before and with my lifestyle changes and the herbal medicines, Im much better than before.

Rona Says:

Posted On : 16 April, 2014

"I am writing this after waking up from a refreshing NIGHT'S SLEEP and what is special is that it has been after many months that I slept so well for a full 7 hours without waking up in the middle. Ever since the death of my mother, I had been unable to sleep beyond 3 hours every night and this left me tired and irritable in the daytime. When I met Dr. Saini, he convinced me of the need to let go of my grief and anxiety and put me on a therapy consisting of a full body ayurvedic massage with healing oil. This, and the shiro abhyang procedure have helped me tremendously and I am also taking the herbal medicines recommended at the Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic. Now, I sleep undisturbed every night and in fact, my husband has begun to complain that he has to call out at least thrice before I wake up.Thank you, Dr. Gurnam.

Showing : of 53 Records
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