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Charlotte Says:

Posted On : 20 August, 2018

"I am 46 years old. I was suffering from severe hair fall issue from about 4 years, especially when I hit early menopause. When I used to ask others for solution, they tried to tell me that hair fall happens with age and is nothing to be worried about. I know I am 46, but I also know that it is not an age of hair loss. I consulted with Melbourne top dermatologist and endocrinologist; they prescribed me various shampoos, medicines and even various hormone treatments, which did not have any effect on my hair loss issue. I was shocked that they never tried to diagnose the root cause problem and just offered symptomatic relief after some routine questions and investigations. I wasn’t really satisfied with that treatment or approach, but still continued it for a year thinking it will work eventually. At the end of one year I realized that these medicines are not helping me at all. Then I thought of changing my diet plan and became vegan. One day I was searching for diet and food recipes then I discovered the website of Pure herbal Ayurveda. I started reading more about ayurvedic science and its principles. Then eventually after discovering many ayurvedic herbs for hair loss I found that “Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic” is also into providing treatment for hair loss. Bonus point was that clinic is in Melbourne, just an hour away from my house. I fixed an appointment with them immediately. After talking to Dr. Gurnam Singh Saini, I was convinced and satisfied, as he discussed the possible reasons for my problem. When he started my treatment I came to know the exact reason of my hair fall, which was ongoing mal-absorption of necessary nutrients for hair, poor sleep routines, lots of processed food and level of my stress. After diagnosing the problem and my imbalanced doshas (Ayurvedic energy) he started my treatment and prescribed me some natural herbs, Shirodhara therapy & natural oil nasal treatment called Nasya. He even gave me a diet chart to improve my nutrition. I started seeing positive results soon and after taking the full prescribed herbal organic treatment my hair fall problem has become a thing of the past for me and thanks to Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic and Dr. Gurnam Saini, I got my glowing and soft hair back.

Illa Says:

Posted On : 20 August, 2018

"I am 35 years old. I was suffering from lower back pain from 2 years,. When the pain started I thought it’s happening because of my hectic work schedule, but even after opting for a relaxed work schedule, it didn’t stop. The pain was getting worse and sometimes it was awful. When I started to feel numbness in my lower back and left lower leg. I attended GP, who advised me to get the x-ray and CT scan. Clinical investigation shown degeneration, disc bulge and nerve pinching at L4-L5. It was shocking for me to discover this, as there was no gentle or permanent treatment for this condition. My GP referred me to one of the neurologist at Royal Melbourne Hospital. He offered me stronger painkiller (Tramadol and Endone), and some steroids (Prednisolone). Also there was discussion on getting the back surgery or local steroid injection, if things will not improve. There was a pinching pain in my spinal cord and I needed frequent massage or physiotherapy to get relief from it alone with regular western medication. I was working in a reputed company, but due to my pain I was unable to sit on chair for longer durations, so I had to take unpaid stress leave from that job and became jobless. It was all like a nightmare in my life. Others problem like body ache, indigestion, constipation, depression & hair fall also started (might be from the side effects from regular use of pain killers or stress related) surfacing along with the back problem. And losing my hair and job was like a disaster happening in my life. I started to look for holistic doctors who could treat my problem effectively with natural means, but even after taking all types of vitamins from different naturopaths there was no improvement in my conditions. I was so distressed that I was clueless about what to do and what not to. Then my parents heard from their relatives about Ayurveda treatment in Melbourne. We searched for the best ayurvedic doctor and “Pure herbal Ayurved Clinic” in Melbourne came first in my Google search so we thought there is no harm in contacting. We took an appointment and visited Dr. Gurnam Singh Saini at his Northcote clinic and found him to be warm and helpful. He started my treatment; he gave me herbal medicines and advised back therapies, called Kati Basti. Most importantly he also advised me to make right changes in life-style and food habits. Gave me morning fenugreek seeds and turmeric root tea to drink. Which has made huge impact on my constipation, gas and bloating (which I came to know latter on that it was all related to Vata Dosha and my nerve pain). After the first therapy of Kati basti I got a lot of relief and felt relaxed and comfortable like never before. After that I continued my treatment for 3 months and now I got rid of my back problem and have also joined my job back. I am still working with Dr Saini on degeneration of my discs but touchwood my back pain; numbness and pinching pain are gone. All Thanks to Pureherbal Ayurved Clinic and Dr. Gurnam Singh Saini.

Andrea Wareham Says:

Posted On : 06 June, 2017

"I was very fortunate to have one on one training with Dr Pooja for Shiro Abhayanga ( Ayurvedic head massage) . Dr Pooja Is a wonderful teacher who is friendly, kind and thorough in her teachings ! and I found the training was very informative and easy to follow. I was allowed to video the training which has helped me greatly for my practice at home . I very much look forward to coming back and doing more training with pure herbal Ayurvedic clinic and Dr Pooja .

Denise Soupe Says:

Posted On : 13 May, 2017

"I came to see Dr Saini a few months ago to try to wean myself off my inhaler which I've been taking my whole life. I'd heard from a friend of mine that Ayurvedic medicine had helped her with her asthma. I was also exhausted all the time due to poor sleep and conventional medicine had said there was "nothing wrong with me". Dr Saini sold me some herbal supplements to take to help with my energy levels and asthma and since I started taking these I definitely have more energy than before. I had 3 sessions of Nasya therapy which involved a facial massage, a hot cloth being put on my face for a few minutes and having to inhale some smokey herbs through each nostril one at a time. Since these sessions my sinuses hardly ever flare up and I can breathe through my nose so clearly. I now only take my inhaler once every 2 days instead of twice a day. Dr Saini said if I stay on track I should be able to stop taking my inhaler altogether in the next 4 months. Part of ayurveda also includes having to do breathing exercises everyday for 10 minutes. I'm delighted I went to Dr Saini as I feel so much less tired than before and I can feel my asthma improving.

Jesto Sebastian Says:

Posted On : 08 March, 2017

"I had my 10 days Panchakarma treatment with Dr Saini. I felt a complete change over of my health.My emotions are regulated well especially my anger and I feel lot relaxed and focused. He was thorough in explaining and answering all the questions. To my surprise i have lost 6 kilos in less than a month's time with this treatment. Dr Saini is the best Ayurvedic doctor I have been to and I had tremendous effects of the Panchakarma treatment.

Michael Says:

Posted On : 11 February, 2017

"I had been suffering from neck pains for a short period of time before going to see Dr. Saini. A consultation and two sauna (detox) sessions later and I was back to normal. This is a unique treatment that is very effective as well as being an incredible learning experience.

Himanshi Chawla Says:

Posted On : 01 February, 2016

"I have been suffering from chronic seborrheic dermatitis for the last 10 months and tried various treatments and products but nothing was fruitful, thereafter, I consulted Dr. Gurnam Saini and he diagnosed my problem from it's roots and cured it completely through his herbal medicines.. I am thankful to Dr. Saini who made tremendous efforts throughout my treatment and gave me moral support to complete the treatment.

Dominique Says:

Posted On : 12 January, 2016

"I attended the 10 day Panchakarma Health Retreat in November 2015 with Dr Saini and Marye O'Brien and came home feeling calm, relaxed, grounded and happy. Dr Saini and Marye are a fantastic team. They worked tirelessly to ensure all of us were comfortable and well cared for, and the team at Chakrapani Health Centre in Jaipur complemented their efforts completely. Highly recommended.

Gen Lishenko Says:

Posted On : 10 January, 2016

"Seeing Dr Saini for treatment in the past 6 months has been of great benefit for me. I have lost 12 kilos and have been able to be pain free after years of fibromyalgia. i feel stronger than i have in years and able to cope with daily life and stress..Thankyou Dr Saini for your care

Anthea Says:

Posted On : 07 August, 2015

"I have been suffering from severe joint pain with inflammation in my knees for over a year and have spent lots of money and tried various treatments and nothing has worked until I discovered Ayurveda Medicine! I cannot believe after 6 treatments of Janu Basti my knees are less swollen and the inflammation has vanished dramatically! I would like to thank Dr G. S Saini and Dr N. Kumar for their expert advice, caring approach and professionalism. I highly recommend this service to others who are suffering from terrible joint pain and Ayurveda for any other medical condition. May God bless Dr G. S Saini and staff.

Showing : of 53 Records
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