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Caleb Says:

Posted On : 30 January, 2019

"I just want to say “Thank You” to Dr. Gurnam Saini, for your effective Ayurvedic management of Gastroparesis. He explained to me how Ayurveda can help me in recovering from Gastroparesis condition naturally by correcting the abnormality of the nerves cells. He advised me to use the natural supplements from the ancient text books of Ayurveda for Gastroparesis. Few of those herbs names are Giloy, Haritaki, Vacha etc. He also offered Diet for Gastroparesis with Panchakarma - natural detoxification treatment that just didn’t relief my delaying of stomach emptiness but also improved my general well being. I will definitely continue herbs and therapy to maintain my good health. Again, Thanks a lot; you are doing a great job. Keep it up!

Christian Says:

Posted On : 22 January, 2019

"I am a health-obsessed type of person and regularly go for a routine health checkup, this year I went for my regular checkup and I came to know that I have Fatty liver. It’s been an initial stage of my disease so I preferred a natural approach as it is safe as well as effective in improving the ability of the liver to function normally. I went to Pure Herbal Ayurved as it is near my house; there I met Dr. Gurnam Saini. He explained me about the possible reasons of Fatty liver. Dr. Gurnam Saini prescribed me some herbs called Sharpunkha, Kakamachi, Punarnava, etc. to treat fatty liver by producing an anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective action. It also prevents enlargement of the liver and improves digestion, with a balanced diet program. Now my liver has recovered allot, I am still following Ayurvedic herbs and diet, and I can feel the improvement. One more thing I came to realize that Ayurveda has a lot of body treatment and therapy, which is not necessary that you take only if you are suffering from any disease, you should take these therapy to make your body feel refreshed and light also.

George Says:

Posted On : 17 January, 2019

"Hello, I am a big fan of Ayurveda after recovery from Anemia. Although, when I was suffering from anemia it was difficult to notice any major symptoms in my case. I was having normal symptoms like fatigue, and shortness of breath. I thought its normal because I am a gym freak and thought that it is the result of rigorous workout in the gym. One morning my granny was at home to see our family and I went to meet her just after finishing my workout. When she saw me gasping she inquired about my health and I said, “It’s normal, as I am just back from the gym”. She said,” why! You are doing it for a long time? Then how could you be so breathless? She said; let me see your nails and it was a little bit of pale in color. She advised me to see GP and after the checkup, I came to know, it’s Anemia. My granny is a big believer of Ayurveda and it could be seen on her face and physical strength. She took me to the Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic for treatment, there I met Dr. Gurnam Saini, and he told me the main reason for anemia. He provided me the diet guidelines to follow. Also advised to use herbs like Shilajit, amala, punarnava, Mustak, etc. After a proper treatment of Ayurveda, I am well good and feel so active. Thank you so much again, doctor. I will be in touch with you my whole life.

Samuel Says:

Posted On : 29 September, 2018

"Hi, I am 20 years old suffering from Huntington Disease. I was not even aware with this fact because the symptoms were so usual for me. How could I have known that getting irritated from anyone very easily, fatigue and loss of energy could be a sign of disease! When all this habits and health changes increased in me then my parents stared taking notice of it and called our GP who referred me to specialist and he diagnosed me with mild traits of Huntington Disease. After knowing that there was no straight cure for this and I also did not want to be on strong western medication, my parents contacted Pure Herbal Ayurved clinic in Melbourne and made an appointment with ayurvedic holistic doctor, Gurnam Saini. He explained about the ayurvedic prospective of this disease. He also explained how it’s connected to vata imbalance and so explained the process of ayurvedic management to balance vata. Dr. Gurnam Saini started my treatment with prescribing me Ayurvedic diet. He changed my dietary habits and then prescribed me Ayurvedic medicines like Ashwagandha, Guggul, Dasmoola. With all those herbs he also suggested me some other herbal medication. I also received many sittings of “third eye drip treatment called shirodhara”. I started to feel calmness inside me within 3 months. After continuing this treatment, now I feel better and I am on my way to calm and peace with his treatment.

Charlie Says:

Posted On : 25 September, 2018

"Hello, I am 28 and I used to be an Asthma Patient. I had been taking oral prednisolone and inhalers through out my life. When I visited Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic, Dr. Gurnam Saini after analyzing all my reports asked me about my daily routine. After I briefed him about my food routine he suggested that I would have to change it all. He also prepared a diet chart for me and asked me to follow it meticulously. After all this, the second thing he did is prescribing me Ayurvedic indian herbal medicines and his own organic herbal blends in capsule forms. Organic herbs are not the same for all asthma cases; he studied my case deeply and prescribed which were most suitable to me based on my unique body traits. He also suggested special tea by simply using ginger, long pepper, garlic, turmeric and some more. A lot of these spices are easily available in our pantry. I was shocked to know that how beneficial these things could be except being the part of our diet. He also prescribed some herbal tonics, powder and tablet, some of them are: - Panchakola choorna, Dasamoolarishtam and haridrakhanda. At last he said to practice Yoga. After taking treatment for 6 months, I have seeing a lot of improvement, but still it will take some time to be cured from the root. But now I hardy need to take prednisolone or preventive inhalers.

Lucas Says:

Posted On : 19 September, 2018

"Me (Lucas) and my wife (Mia), we started suffering from Arthritis after the age of 60. I got this disease one year before my wife. I was already worried about my health condition then after a year I came to know that my wife is also suffering from the same health condition. At the beginning it was a just pain in our knee joints then it increased to an extent where we both were unable to walk freely for longer distance because of constant pain, swelling and stiffness. We were regularly taking physiotherapy, acupuncture and normal massage treatments and also did exercises at home with the guidance of our physio. But as it were proving very difficult for us to do any task and we were not able to do exercises also. We both were taking common painkiller, anti-inflammatory at that point and doing all the exercises as we could, but at one time we were not able to even walk. Later on we were started on some stronger immune suppressants steroids like methotrexate. Thanks to all its side effects we stopped it after 2 months only. We left all hopes; we thought we would never be able to walk normally. All our dreams about travelling the world was coming crashing down in front of our eyes and we felt helpless about it. Our children were also aware of our dream, and they were worried about our health condition too. As we did not want to go for knee transplant, my son searched for the best Ayurvedic holistic doctors in Melbourne and took an appointment with Dr. Gurnam Saini at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic. After the through assessment, he gave us organic Ayurvedic Indian herbs, suggested some home remedies like herbal morning teas, and gave me some ayurvedic bone disease supplements. He also advised us to take fenugreek seeds water with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice mixed in 250 ml of warm water. He advised us some gentle yoga. But out of all those things, wonder treatment was Ayurvedic knee therapy called Janu Basti. We had 15 sitting of Janu Basti. Within one month I started to feel stronger in my knees. There were less pain, stiffness and crackling sounds on walking. Siting and getting up become easier. I could able to walk freely and for long distant too. After continued treatment of 6 months I was feeling more relaxed and pain-free. Now my wife and I both are able to walk freely and ready to go for the world tour to complete our dreams. All Thanks to Pureherbal Ayurved Clinic and Dr. Gurnam Saini.

Logan Says:

Posted On : 07 September, 2018

"Hello, I am 45 years old. Some months ago I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure. Due to this I became a short tempered person, I started to shout on my wife, my children and even on my mother whom I love a lot. I totally became a different personality and this affected my family life; all this while,my family was wondering what was happening to me. The level of my temper was increasing day by day with the increase in blood pressure. I was taking medicines properly, taking regular checkups, but still I didn’t stop losing temper. I started to worry about the habit of my short-temper. I don’t want to lose my temper on anyone for silly reasons, but I realized that it was getting out of my control day after day. I thought I should visit a psychiatrist may be he could help me with this. But it wasn’t helpful for me. I talked to one of my best friends who is a doctor and he saw my all reports and said your behavior is the reason of your high blood pressure. He told me to practice yoga and asked me go for yoga sessions. When I was looking for that I came to know about Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic. I visited the clinic and met Dr. Gurnam Saini. He saw my all reports and explained to me everything. He gave me some herbal medicine and advised taking an Ayurvedic shirodhara-third eye drip treatment. After the regular sessions and course of herbal medicines I started feeling light and relaxed. After continuing my treatment there, am all good, my behavior has come back to normal and I got my daughter’s and family’s smile back. Thank you Doctor.

Naira Says:

Posted On : 03 September, 2018

"Namastey, I am 30-year-old woman from India, living in Brisbane, Australia. I was having an acne scar problem all over my face. Acne was always hurt full and was leaving many scars. Due to my facial scars, my self-esteem and confidence was getting lower. I tried many home remedies and creams to remove this. I even visited a specialist dermatologist, but nothing improved despite of taking oral and topical steroids for long time. Specialist did put me on contraception pills, but it made it worse. I was reading a blog on ayurvedic remedies which led me to the website of – “Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic” when thought struck my mind, it could be a solution of all my problems. I called the clinic and spoke about my problem. I visited Melbourne for my skin treatment at Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic in Northcote. The first thing Dr. Gurnam did, was to change my diet plan and made me understand the reason of that. He explained to me how our skin gets affected by our diet. He also gave me an Ayurvedic face pack to prevent growth of acne and that face pack was specifically made for my skin. He gave me a therapy called Ayurvedic panchakarma detoxification. After using the cream and undergoing the therapy, I saw the positive effect on my face. He gave me some Ayurvedic medicines, taught me yoga , and after taking all therapies, medicines and doing yoga I saw a major difference on my face. I continued this for 1 year and now I have an acne free, glowing and healthy skin. I am still in touch with Dr. Gurnam Saini as now I am taking treatment for my hair. Thanks a lot doctor.

Namisha Says:

Posted On : 31 August, 2018

"I am a 40-year-old woman living in Melbourne, Ringwood.When I was about 30, after having 2 continuous miscarriages, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I got married at age of 25. My first miscarriage took place while I was 28, and it was a really difficult for my family and me. I was totally broken and emotions were badly hurt. My family supported me in those times of distress and looked after me. After a while, when I was over my last miscarriage I suffered another one at 30. When these two miscarriages took place in my life one after the other, I was totally shattered. My life was totally cut off from enjoyments, I left hope and my life was full of emptiness. My husband was worried about me, so he looked for a physiatrist and we went there for consultation at Delmont Private Hospital in Melbourne, but even after 6 months of taking Mitrazipine, one of the antidepressant and CBT sessions there wasn’t much improvement in my mood or overall mental health. I wasn’t feeling happy from inside and was unable to recover from the deep sorrow. One day when my husband was browsing the Internet for alternative treatments and he found about Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic. We immediately booked an appointment after going through their website, which had all the good things listed about them. I went there and my consultation lasted for about an hour and after talking to Dr. Gurnam Saini I was a bit relaxed, as I always wanted to take holistic and natural approach. His words rekindled hope in my distressed life. He gave me a diet chart and natural antidepressant herbs. With medicine, he also advised me to practice yoga and also taught me a couple of breathing exercises. I also did many sessions of ayurvedic psychotherapy called Shirodhara or Third Eye Drip at their Northcote clinic in Melbourne. Within 4 months I felt so relaxed and in 7 months I totally recovered from my deep sorrow, I was full of positive thoughts and even my body was feeling refreshed and healthy. Then I also did detox cleanse called Panchakarma detox, before we tried to conceive again. After few more months of fertility herbs and therapies I finally conceived again and now I have a healthy baby girl. During the whole pregnancy I had been taking Shirodhara to keep me away from anxiety. Thank you so much doctor, really you are a great personality. May god grant you a long life so that you can keep helping others for a long time.

Anju Says:

Posted On : 20 August, 2018

"I started gaining a lot of weight after my high school. If you had seen me before 3 years, you would not have recognized! I weighed 76kgs at the age of 25 and because of all the fat, I looked like I was 35. My parents thought that my weight gain could be a symptom of thyroid so we went for a medical check-up and my all reports were OK. So basically, it was just putting on weight and couldn’t explain why. To lose weight, I joined gym and did all exercises and followed many diet plans. I even looked on the Internet about weight loss smoothies’ diets and followed that too. I stopped taking extra calories or fat and did all that I found suitable for me. But even after 6 months, I lost only 0.5kg. This showed me that whatever I was doing wasn’t working for me. Then I looked for an ayurvedic way of loosing weight and found Pure herbal Ayurved clinic. I was trying everything so there was no harm in trying it too. I went through their website and found a lot of testimonials saying all good things about Dr. Gurnam Singh Saini, so thought I should try it and the clinic being located in Melbourne was bit inconvenient for me. I called their clinic and fixed an appointment with Dr. Saini. After meeting him, I came to know why my efforts were not working. He said every person has different ayurvedic body type or digestive’s strengths and weaknesses. He explained to me that we are not what we eat, but we are what we can digest. I came to know first time about the brain, which is emended in our gut, called enteric nervous system, which also has neurons and serotonin throughout the gut lining. If the gut brain is not talking to the main skull brain then there are possibilities of having emotional eating behaviors. No wonder I was diagnosed with clinical depression in the childhood and had taken antidepressants for many years! I also get anxiety and eat emotionally at wrong time of the day. So Dr Saini told me that based on my emotional and physical needs he would customize a treatment plan for me. I was quite impressed to hear about same. Then my treatment started and he prescribed me herbal powder, medicines and remedies with a specific diet chart for weight loss, he even asked me to do Yoga. He taught me asana specific for weight loss. I also did panchakarma detoxification, 15 days course with Dr Saini at Northcote. All together I started to get result in 2 months. I was extremely happy and continued my treatment with him for 6 months. Now I am a fit and healthy person. Thank you so much, from the core of my heart to Dr. Gurnam Saini and your team.

Showing : of 53 Records
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